Industrial Training is a part of the curriculum for BTech, BCA, MCA, BBA and MBA students. Six Months Industrial Training programs play a key role for every student and help to get best career growth. It is very important for aspirants to select right technology modules for career option likewise, right organization selection to take training is also important.

Logic Providers is a Mohali (Tricity) based company and providing Six-months Industrial training. As a part of Training, we also provide personality development sessions and interview skills. Along with technical knowledge personality development session not only helps students to get good jobs, it also reflects on their regular day to day life.

At Logic Providers, highly skilled and experienced staff help students to achieve their goals. We recommend candidates/ students get in touch with our representative who wants to become independent professionals. Considering industrial training role in career, we open very limited seats for trainees, so that our trainers can focus on every student and deliver a good quality training.


  • Training by Highly skilled and experienced staff.
  • Personality development sessions as a part of Six Month Industrial Training.
  • Live project work.
  • Certificate and experience letter for their internship.
  • Free of charge training for the candidates who crack the interviews.
  • Mentoring and Guidance for Project and Report.
  • In-House placements.

Monthly Schedule

Month 1

Introduction to Web Technologies

  • Web Request Life Cycle
  • Introduction to Web Hosting and Domain Servers
  • Introduction to CMS (WordPress)

Introduction to HTML

  • Tags, Attributes and Elements
  • Tables,Images and Frames
  • Internal Links, External Links, Absolute & Relative paths to include links and images
  • Form Elements
  • Spans and Divs
  • Meta Tags
  • Videos, Audios and Canvas

Introduction to CSS, Less and Twitter Bootstrap

  • Applying CSS (External, Internal and Inline)
  • Selectors, Properties and Values
  • Textonomy, Fonts and Icons
  • Margins and Padding
  • Boxes, Layouts and Media
  • Positionings
  • Pseudo-classes

Month 2

Introduction to Responsive Web Designs

  • Twitter Bootstrap
    12 Column Grid System, Layouts, Containers, Panels and Wells, Typography, Forms, Components, Utility Classes
  • Less Framework
    Variables and Mixins, Less Framework – Nested Rules, Using Operations(+,-,*,/), Importing Less Files, Loops and Conditional CSS

Introduction to JavaScript/jQuery/Ajax

  • Introduction to client-side scripting
  • Syntax Basics
  • JS Data Types
  • JS Operators/ Comparisons
  • JS Conditional Statements
  • JS Loops (For, While and Do While)
  • JS Control Statements (if,else and switch)
  • JS Objects
  • JS User Defined Functions
  • JS Predefined Functions – String, Math, Date and Array
  • JS Document Object Model
  • JS Browser Object Model (Window, Location and Navigation)
  • JS Pop up Boxes – Alert Box, Confirm Box and Prompt Box

Month 3

Introduction to PHP

  • Introduction to Server-Side Scripting Languages, Apache HTTP Server and Xampp
  • PHP Fundamentals
    Data Types, Variables, Constants, Expressions, Operators, Control Structures and Loops
  • PHP Arrays
    Associative Arrays, Array Iteration, PHP Multi-Dimensional Arrays, Array Functions
  • Functions
  • Handling POST, GET Requests in PHP, File Handling, File Uploads and Downloads
  • Send E-mails, Cookies, Sessions
  • Error Debugging, Error Handling, Exception Handling
  • Server Side Form Validations

Introduction to MySQL

  • Introduction to Databases and DBMS
  • Create Databases, MySQL Data Types & Create Tables
  • Database Normalization, SQL Constraints and Indexes
  • Create Views
  • Insert, Update, Delete operations on tables
  • Searching data into tables
  • Grouping and Aggregate functions, Joining Tables
  • Connecting MySQL Server, Execute Commands on MySQL Server via PHP
  • Fetch, Insert, Update, Delete data in tables via PHP
  • Frequently used MySQL functions, Looping through database, Dealing with Dates and Times

Month 4

Advance PHP

  • Introduction to MVC
  • CakePHP/Laravel
  • Introduction to CMS like WordPress

Month 5-6

Project and Report

During Project Development you will be exposed to all learned concepts, under the guidance of Project Managers. Our core focus is to make the students well verse with the different cycles of Software Development and to provide them a hand on experience on LIVE PROJECTS. Excellent performers will be absorbed in the company.